Saturday, July 19, 2008

Too many variables....

Okay so getting Linux onto one of the older Dell Optiplex computers is tougher than I thought it would be.

I've installed various Linux distributions on various machines in the past, so I knew there could be complications. However, this time I'm suspecting the fault is in the hardware, which is tough to deal with.

I've already spent more than 12 hours working on this one Dell, trying all sorts of things and taking as many detailed notes as I think I should.

Both Puppy Linux and Damn Small Linux ran fine on it, although they are not really meant to be installed--they serve a different purpose. All attempts at Ubuntu and Xubuntu, however, have failed. The only real desktop distro I got to install was OpenSUSE 10.3, which I may end up using. I was hoping to get a faster version to work, though--something like MEPIS Lite or Xubuntu, but I couldn't even get an XFCE version of Debian to install.

So what next? Well, more experimenting for a while. Too many variables. I'm starting to think the cd rom and the hard drive may have errors.

I'd rather be teaching. Or programming. Or turning water into wine.

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