Sunday, July 6, 2008

Paper just doesn't cut it anymore....

As much as I love Moleskine journals, I just can't seem to use them much anymore. I mean, pretty much all my life I have been very prolific in writing--poetry, stories, journal entries, articles, lesson plans, programs, etc. I just visited my parents and my mom gave me some of my old stories that I wrote while in high school. It was fun to read them again, as I could finally read them as a plain old reader, not the writer/reader that I usually am with something I produce. Nope, these suckers were so old I'd pretty much forgotten them.

Returning home, I figured I'd journal about my vacation. I got out my Moleskine journal and noticed that my last entry was in December of 2007! The one before that one: May of 2007! Obviously I don't keep up with my journal anymore.

Or do I? If you look back through my physical journal from the past few years you'll find a whole bunch of links (certainly not hyperlinks, however) that refer you to some other media. Things like, "for more info from this period in my life, go read my Linux Journals...."

I think it's time to just give up on writing in my Moleskine altogether. Feels all slow and sloppy, whereas I can type really fast. Maybe I'll save the whole thing as one big textfile somewhere....

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