Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tip: Taking your bookmarks with you

Okay, so tomorrow morning I leave for CMU in Pittsburgh.

Haven't packed yet. Haven't decided whether or not to take my laptop. Since they have Mac labs where I'll be going, I'll miss Linux but at least I won't have to use Windows.

Anyway, to make sure I can access all my favorite web pages, I went into Firefox under Bookmarks/Organize Bookmarks/Import and Backup/ Export HTML and exported all my bookmarks into one handy HTML file. Then, I go to Google and upload it to my Google Docs account. Now, if I leave my beloved laptop behind, I'll at least be able to access all my bookmarks.

I probably should set up some remote login or something to get at all my files, but I'm just not that ambitious....

I'll try to report in from Pittsburgh on my Java workshop from time to time.

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