Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Last one in the lab is me... :-(

This AP Java workshop has been a lot of work and a lot of fun so far. I can only say positive things about the workshop. I mean, after teaching ten or so years and going through grad school, well, you go through your share of experiences that can at best be described as "so-so". Not this workshop.

About the worst thing here so far has been
  1. My Java syntax
  2. My Java API knowledge
  3. My familiarity with all the various IDEs for teaching Java to students.
So tonight I stayed overtime, and it was time well spent. Python is much more natural for me to code, but I'm really learning some good habits here this week. So far the discussions of OOP have been very comprehensible for me--a heck of a lot better than they would have been back when I first encountered OOP.

Ate at a little cafe this evening. Pita bread with hummus , black bean soup, and iced coffee.

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