Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer crunch time.

Yeah, I'm busy, but it's all good.

Yesterday I was awarded a grant from the American Immigration Law Foundation. I have a background of teaching math to English Language Learners (ELL), so I decided a migrant student blog project would be a cool thing. Basically migrant students at our school will be able to post about their experiences. Of course the grant proposal was much more detailed than that, but that's the main idea. I asked that the money be used for a Linux laptop, like the EEE PC. I'll try to find a student to be the maintainer of the blog, and that student will get to use the laptop 24-7 or close to it.

Also, I finally got off my butt and shelled out the moolah to register a domain name and have it hosted on the web. Our district has very strict rules regarding school web pages. I'll leave politics aside, but basically I spent the money to have complete control over web pages for my programming club and for my classes. I went with Dreamhost because they have a strong reputation in the Linux world, and that matters to me. They feature a big assortment of open source add-ons and support and run Debian Linux servers. I can now have blogs, forums, Moodle pages, all of that. Here's the domain name:

Pretty cool, huh? I was a little surprised that one was still available. You can visit that address, but it will take me and the computer club some time to get it all up and running....

...especially since I spend next week in Pittsburgh.

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