Sunday, November 30, 2008

Surprise Birthday Party

Yesterday I took part in a real surprise birthday party (You can see my profile in the photo, not sure what I was looking at offstage to the left...).

This was one of those parties where you get a bunch of friends and family together and you all hide in the dark and wait for the unsuspecting party (this time it was Cjturt) to arrive. Then you all yell and turn on the lights: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!"

Turned out to be a lot of fun.

I've published a set of photos for the party. If you're family, email me for the access info. If you're not family, feel free anyway to see my public albums at my photo page which runs on the open source Zen Photo program.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the big secret of this party. I was hoping you would have told me and spill the beans, instead of watching me almost have a heart attack. Thanks for coming this weekend it was so much fun!!!!!!!!

CJURT AKA "The Super blogger"

Big Sis said...

Happy Birthday! Wish I could've been there with a big keg of Point for ya!

Big Sis said...

What were you looking at offstage?