Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Final Fantasy as Therapy

I seem to have found the perfect game for passing time while recovering from surgery: Final Fantasy. The turn-based combat means I can doze off and the game will still be waiting for me when I wake up :-). There's no intense button mashing--which I'd be really bad at right about now.

You can see me on the screenshot there. I'm the thief who tends to get slain a lot in battle. On the other hand, I'm great at running away from battles, and if I escape, the whole party of four escapes, for some strange reason only known to video game designers.


Anonymous said...

Grand theft auto (the new version) would be way funner. I know you wanna get it. now would be the perfect time.


FireSaiyan said...

How were you playing, an emulator or an actual console?

RichSkyline said...

That image is from an emulator, but I tend to have the console versions, too.

Between the real NES console, an FC and an FC Twin, I can play a large collection of NES cartridges.