Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The ER at 3 am.

Note: After several years of attacks, I finally had my gall stones diagnosed and removed. Went to the ER this last Friday night (Saturday morning) at 2:30--in agony. They removed my gall bladder later that morning and I'm now recovering. I have only praise for the professionalism and level of care that I received. Modern medicine is spectacular. Laparoscopy sure beat the old days, when they used to split you open like a baked potato....

I had great plans to write all about my recent gall bladder removal surgery. I wanted to write all about the great staff that treated me, how interesting the ER can be at 3 am, and other details that would have been a nice exercise in descriptive prose.

Instead, I'm bummed out and feeling like crap. I'm taking the week off from school and normally that would appear to be a great opportunity to get caught up on some planning and programming. Nope. I've been pretty ineffective so far, struggling just to write one test for my AP Computer Science class.

I thought keeping up with my classes would be easier, seeing as I can do a lot of the planning online from home. What I underestimated, however, was how fatigued I'd be mentally. What a bummer, dude. :-(

Hopefully in a couple days or so I'll be writing about all the work I'm getting done.

Postscript: Back to the title of this post. There seemed to be two types of ER patients at 3 am. There were those like me that were there because of something out of our control. Then there was the usual assortment of those that made poor choices and got themselves to the ER for one reason or another: drugs, drunk, in a fight...etc.


Anonymous said...

We all wish and hope for a speedy recovery!! CJTURT

Big Sis said...

Damn, I wish I could say that I was cut open like a baked potato, but NO...I got gutted like a deer!
Cheer up Lil Bro...you'll feel better in no time. You're probably tired from being so sick, not from the actual surgery. Give yourself at least a week to feel like crap before it starts to concern you.

Jackie Ballarini said...

Oh no! While, I'm glad to hear the surgery went well, I'm sorry it had to happen. I hope you're up and around soon.

RichSkyline said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I'm starting to want to program again, so I think my mind is making a comeback :-)

Leigh Ann said...

hope you are feeling better soon!

RichSkyline said...


Thanks for all the encouragement, everyone.

I'll be back in the classroom soon!

Bud said...

Take it easy - I'm sure your students miss you, but I suspect they want you to come back all healed up.

Best wishes.