Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just in Time!

Some teachers may resist change and not like learning something new, especially new technology. Not me, man. Despite my rant about Promethean not supporting Linux yet, I have seen the future, and it's pretty cool.

The wall panel on my Promethean board malfunctioned shortly after I started to use it. However, our ITS department was quick to respond and the panel was replaced earlier today. I had to find our school tech contact to have her update the Promethean drivers (I don't have the proper access rights), and a few fellow Interactive Whiteboard Teachers (IWTs, I guess) also helped out.

The result: Back to School Night starts in less than an hour, and I will be able to wow my students' parents with the IWB. It really is an impressive tool when it's running correctly. In fact, having to step back to a normal projector (with no interactive element) was downright depressing.

Tomorrow I'll attend an entire day of training on the IWB. I hate to miss school and would prefer the training be after school or on a weekend. I have to miss teaching my AP Computer Science class, which is my favorite class :-(

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