Monday, August 25, 2008

Freddie and Me

I'm a sucker for graphic novels.

Something about the immense amount of work that goes into making them means I just can not resist them. My favorite graphic novels are those that are blatantly honest and biographical in nature.

Freddie and Me
is a prime example. Mike Dawson tells his life story through a filtered lens that sees the world in terms of the rock group Queen. Childhood memories are told in reference to Queen. Some memories are even rewritten with Queen in them. Everywhere throughout this book you can see the influence of Queen on an impressionable fan.

And yet, I recommend this book to people who couldn't care less about Queen. Really. Read this to laugh and enjoy Mike's funny childhood. Mike moves from England to the U.S. and experiences some culture shock. He finds friends where he can and never loses his overtly optimistic view of life. This book made me feel good. Mike is just darn likable.

On the other hand, if you are a Queen fan, this book can only make you nod your head as you read it. You know how it feels to think Queen is THE GREATEST BAND IN THE WORLD (or at least in the top ten).


Anonymous said...

A very "solid" post. Sounds like a good book. I might just check that one out. Your reading comprehension is a "true gift". One I wish had.Sometimes it can probably be a burden, but we owe it to mankind to persevere!
Of course you can't forget queens best album ever "Queen's greatest hits", 1981 UK edition............My Fat bottom girlz make the rockin world go round.


RichSkyline said...

I'll have to recommend some other graphic novels for you. By the way, didn't I give you some issues The Walking Dead? Those are hard to beat.

Anonymous said...

yes u did thanks G